Interview with Jackie Chambers, Girlschool guitar player

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katiegirlschool02 Interview with Jackie Chambers, Girlschool guitar player

Interview with Jackie Chambers, Girlschool guitar player

“We’ve never been a band to follow musical fashions, we play what comes naturally and the style of music we personally enjoy”

Katie Chambers, one of the key pieces of this English machinery called Girlschool, has been lent to take care of and to grant to us this interview to us. The beautiful guitarist speaks of the beginnings of the band and next projects to us. If you want to see all its direct power in, kind, we will be able to soon see them in direct in Spain, kind to its words.

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Girlschool was one of the precursory bands in the NWOBHM arise at the beginning of the 80 (like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon, Judas Priest, Motorhead…) and nowadays continues being one of the important references within world-wide the rock scene, As Girlschool feels at the moment after so many years of musical trajectory?

There is still a huge interest in the NWOBHM and we still play nights that are dedicated to bands from that era, we have a gig with Saxon coming up in April this year which is a celebration of such bands. We will always be associated with that label as will many other bands from the 80’s.

This last year you published your last work ‘Believe’. That such welcome this having?

Yeah, Believe was an album that we were all very proud of, there’s lot’s of the old Girlschool style but we added all our new influences and along with a great production from Tim Hamill we feel we have a very interesting album.

Looking back in time, what differences you see between this your last work and first of the band? Which it has been your evolution?

Girlschool will always have that same style no matter who is in the line up, but because the 3 writers Kim, Enid and myself all listen to different bands we had a huge pool of influences to draw from and I think that’s what makes this album slightly different from all the others.

It is not very common that bands of feminine Rock survive as much time, is more, if I am not mistaken stays in the book guiness of the record to be the feminine band of rock that more time takes in active-duty, that moves to you to continue making music? Could you tell me how do you lived these last years on ‘musicals fashions’?

We’ve never been a band to follow musical fashions, we play what comes naturally and the style of music we personally enjoy, we’d never change our music to fit in with what’s going on around us. There’s always been a market for Rock bands in Europe and at the moment it seems more popular than ever so we’ll just keep doing what we do until and to hell with trends and fashion.

Could you tell us how do you began in the world of music, as Girlschool were born?

Kim and Enid originally started a band because the guys wouldn’t let them join their bands. Girlschool started as ‘Painted Lady’ which was a covers band then Denise and Kelly came along and they changed their name to Girlschool at that point.

How classic band of Heavy Metal you have elbowed to you with the best thing at world-wide level, as is your favorite bands, those that have influenced somehow in your music?

There are a lot of bands that have influenced us over the years, it’s fair to say that bands like Led Zepellin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Rainbow, Alice Cooper and even Bowie would come up on pretty much all our lists.

katiegirlschool01 Interview with Jackie Chambers, Girlschool guitar player

After so many years to walk together from an end to another one of the world, being unloaded here and so far, to share happiness, successes… As it is the relation between all the components of the band?

As a band we I think we all work together really well, we know each other so well now which always helps on stage and in the studio. Kim and Denise have worked together for about 27 years and with Enid the original bass player coming back we now have 3 original members again. I have a lot in common with Kelly Johnson musically so when I joined I felt like I was in a band that were all heading in the same direction.

Of all published albums that you have to date, as is for you most significant, most special?

I think the Believe album is the most special for me, obviously because I’m on it and I was involved in the writing of the songs. We also went for a more produced sound this time around which we really liked, we think we held on to the old Girlschool but added a new element to it.

I remember that in summer of 2005 I went to Pamplona to see Alice Cooper and until the previous day of the concert I did not know that to Girlschool will go like invited band, the joy that I took was intense since tapeworm many desire of see you to touch, and was spectacular. That memories do you save in mind of that tour with Alice Cooper?

For me personally it was a dream come true, Alice Cooper has always been my main influence and musical hero so to play a couple of gigs in support was really special for me. We all enjoyed our time in Spain as we always do when we play there but this time was very memorable as we all love Alice.

Good… When we are going to be able see you to again playing in Spain? So that if you know but we are all here very rockers and always are not themselves one happiness immense to see live musical outstanding like you, representing of the best world-wide rock.

Hopefully we’ll play a lot more shows in Spain this year, so far we have a festival March 11th at the Femme Rock Festival.

The band has had many changes in its formation, and the present one is the most stable you continue having contact with other ex–members of the band?

There’s only ever been 10 members of Girlschool throughout the years and we’re all pretty much in touch with each other and quite often meet up for drinks. I share a flat with Kelly Johnson, Cris Bonacci and Tracey Lamb live about a mile away so we see them all the time and we still keep in touch with other members who’ll come along to a gig whenever we play near their town.

To be in the highway as much time must wear away but the love by the music enough in which do you think can. How do you feel yet when stays abroad, touring everywhere? To you usually it accompanies the family in your tours?

Well none of us are married or have any children so that makes life on the road a lot easier to deal with. We tend to do shorter tours now so that we’re not away from home and our partners for too long. When we do longer tours we make sure that there’s breaks so that we can either fly home or fly people out then everyone’s happy.

For the elaboration of this disc, Do you have had any collaboration of some musician in special?

We don’t have any plans to collaborate with anybody at this time but who knows what will happen in the future.

With whom will you like to share scene and actually don´t have done it?

I think we’ve pretty much played with every Rock band on the planet over the years, I guess if we had to play with someone now it would have to be Rammstein or Foo Fighters for me, I love both of those bands.

Here in Spain we have many and very great bands of rock, Do you know anyone that you like specially?

I remember last time we played there we played at a festival and we liked a couple of the bands, we liked Perversion. Hopefully we’ll meet a few more bands when we come back in March for the Womens Festival.

As it is your sensation to the knowledge that whenever play your instruments you get to put the end hairs to us, by the ability, rages and energy with which play your songs?

We love playing live and whenever we hit the stage we feel full of energy and excitement and hopefully that comes across and the audience can feel that too.

After ‘Believe’, that comes, that future projects do you have?

We re-recorded ‘Emeregency’ and ‘London’ towards the end of last year which we released as Downloads only ( in time for the Motorhead tour here in the UK but this year as yet we don’t have any plans to record anything new. We have a few festivals planned for this year so far and will probably start writing new songs quite soon which could lead to some new recordings towards the end of the year.

When Girlschool not this assets, I imagine that your time the family will take to it, but To that other tasks you have envolved? Do you have any tie way with the world of music?

I have a home studio and often write songs for other people
but none of us actually play with any other bands besides Girlschool, we don’t have the time as fortunately we were kept very busy last year and are hoping to be this year too.

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